About Debra

A prolific author, journalist, and educator, Debra contributes monthly to a variety of Internet news magazines and is guest lecturer to groups of all sizes—secular and Christian, stateside and abroad. From 2005-2014, along with Audrey Russo, Debra co-hosted WOMANTalk, an edition of Changing Worldviews with Sharon Hughes on KDIA 1640 AM—San Francisco. Presently, Debra hosts TRUTHTalk Beyond the Sound Bite on BLOGTalk Radio.

A longtime resident of the great Pacific Northwest, Debra serves as officer on the founding Board of Directors for Daniels' Prayer Ministry in Olympia, Washington. Her work reflects unique perspective from extensive travel throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and North and South Americas. As a child, Debra lived in Japan and, later, she lived and worked in Kuwait.

Debra is invited as a featured guest on talk radio programs aired nationally and internationally.


  • Master of Ministries (Min. M.), Pacific School of Theology
  • Master of Education (M. Ed.), University of Washington
  • Bachelor of Theology (Th. B.), Pacific School of Theology
  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), University of Iowa


  • ABCs of Globalism: A Vigilant Christian's Glossary [Lafayette, Louisiana: Huntington House Publishers, 1999]
  • ABCs of Cultural - Isms: Bible Truth or Grave Consequences [Enumclaw, Washington: WinePress Publishing, 2003]
  • Frightening Issues: Chapter on Globalism [Defender Books: Anomalous House Publishing, 2009]

Radio Guest Spots Featuring Debra Rae

Adams, John, WTLN, “Crosstalk,” Orlando, Florida
Anderson, John, Heritage Broadcasting and Truth Radio Networks, “Straight Talk,” Sparta, North Carolina

Anderson, Paul, KJRT, “The Source,” Amarillo, Texas

Ball, Bill, KKVV, “Homeward Bound,” Los Vegas, Nevada

Blue, Barry, KPOS, Westminster, Colorado

Bushman, Julie and Sam, AR Radio Network, “Your Business,” Delta, Utah

Brownfield, Derry, “Common Sense Coalition,” Centertown, Missouri

Brugman, Chris, WMDM, “Bay Talk 1690,” Lexington Park, Maryland

Carter, Harold, WNWS, “Carter and Company,” Jackson, Tennessee
Cichoke, Dr., American Freedom Network, Portland, Oregon

“COOL” Mike & Ann Ubelis, Southern Sense Talk Radio, Beaufont, South Carolina
Crismier, Chuck, WGGM, “Viewpoint,” Richmond, Virginia

Daniels, Dan, WMOB, Mobile, Alabama
Dave and Amy’s “Morning Zone,” KGAB, Cheyenne, Wyoming
Dewitt, Jim, WJBD Radio, Thomasville, Arkansas

Doran, Kevin, WLEA, WBTA, WCKA, Hornell, New York

Dorsett, Chad, WANI, Auburn, Alabama

Dumas, Mike, KELD, Eldorado, Arkansas

Engelman, Ron, Talk Radio Network, Wichita Falls, Texas

Fowler, Frosty, KGNW, “Talk Line,” Seattle, Washington

Grismer, Chuck, WGGM, “Viewpoint,” Richmond, Virginia

Haga, Mike, Peoples Network, Grand Junction, Colorado

Harley, Joyce, KKMS, “In Focus,” Eaglin, Minnesota

Hewitt, Dottie, WHAL and KOHB, “Learning Warfare,” Apopka, Florida

Hollister, Mike & Ludeman, Jonathan, KVI & KGNW, “You and Your Money,” Bothell, Washington

Horn, Tom, Reality Radio Network, “Q Files”

Hughes, Dr. Laurel, KHOV, Venture Ministries Network, “The King is Coming Program”

Hughes, Jerry, United Broadcasting Network, White Springs, Florida

Hughes, Sharon, KDIA, “Changing Worldviews TALK Radio,” San Francisco, California

Jackson, Joe, KIQN, Salt Lake City, Utah

Johnson, Stan, Prophecy Club, Topeka, Kansas

Kincaid, Cliff, for Carter, Chuck, “Talk America,” Washington, D.C. and Peoples Radio Network, Owings, Maryland

Landon, Tony, KNEO, Neosho, Missouri
Lanoue, Larry, WSUB, “Point of View,” Preston, Connecticut

Levine, Dr. Barry, WFPG Radio, “Point of View,” Atlantic City, New Jersey

Leyton, Pastor Smith, WMCA Radio, Rutherford, New Jersey

Maddox, Marlin, USA Radio—“Viewpoint”

Monteith, Dr. Stanley, Genesis Communications Network and Radio Liberty, Soquel, California 

Morse, Chuck, American Freedom Network, Brookline, Massachusetts

Murphy, Matt, KXMR Radio, Bismarck, North Dakota

Otto, John, WGR Radio, Buffalo, New York

Peppers, Debra, KGSL, St. Louis, Missouri

Peters, Pastor Pete, WWCR—Short Wave 12/160, “Scriptures for America,” Laramie, Wyoming

Richardson, Jean, WSHO, “Christian Bookshelf,” New Orleans, Louisiana

Riley, Joyce, “Power Hour” on the Genesis Communications Network & “The Riley Report” on the American Freedom Network

Sanders, Marvin & Wildmon, Tim, American Family Radio, “Today’s Issues,” Tupelo, Mississippi

Sanders, “Pastor Ernie,” WHK Truth Radio and Heritage Broadcasting Network, WCCD, Chesterfield, Chicago

Sieleman, Maxine, KWKY Radio, Des Moines, Iowa

Solomon, Stan, Stan Solomon Productions, Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana

Spangler, Janet, KRKO Radio, Everett, Washington

Spaulding, Dr. Mike, Soaring Eagle Radio, WTTP FM, Lima, Ohio
Starrett, Mary, KPDQ, “New True Talk,” Portland, Oregon

Stratman, Greg and Karen, KLPD, St. Louis, Missouri

Strawcutter, Rick, Radio Free Lennawee, Adrian, Michigan

Thompson, Mike, KWRE, “Live Wire,” St. Louis, Missouri

VandenOever, John, WAFG, “Vocal Point,” Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Wassall, Don, Genesis Communications Network, WHRI, Watts, Indiana

Wildman, Tim & Sanders, Marvin, American Family Radio, “Today’s Issues,” Tupelo, Mississippi

Wright, Jack, KLIC, "JC Radio," Monroe, Louisiana

Zublic, David, “Good Fathers Show,” Royal Oaks, Michigan
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