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ABCs of Globalism: A Vigilant Christian’s Glossary
by Debra Rae

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Unlike any other book on today’s market, the ABCs of Globalism is a single volume glossary that allows easy access to data-packed summaries of key players, movements, and organizations committed to advancing a burgeoning, one-world system of government, religion, and economics. Each entry is paired with sound biblical perspective.
352 pages

ABCs of Cultural-isms: Bible Truth or Grave Consequences
by Debra Rae

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By characterizing error and honing Bible focus, ABCs of Cultural -Isms equips Christians to withstand confusion and duplicity in today’s pluralistic global community marked by cultism and occultism, progressivism and postmodernism, syncretism and New Age mysticism, extreme fundamentalism and jingoism, pseudo-egalitarianism and globalism. Debra plainly reveals how each cultural “-ism” misses the mark with grave consequences following.
309 pages

Globalism: Utopian Dream
or Luciferic Nightmare?

Chapter 5 by Debra Rae

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In How to Overcome the Most Frightening Issues You WILL Face This Century, leading scholars, authors, and speakers offer practical insights and strategies that encourage Christians to replace fear with faith. One of 20 contributors to this anthology, Debra Rae shares specialized knowledge about what can be expected in the days and years ahead—geo-politically, economically, and religiously.
470 pages
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